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According to Directive No. 1.692 from 19th OCT 2007, any person with their residing home outside the European Comunity, can be returned VAT included in all the products’ prices, aquired within the borders of the European Comunity, if provided:

The legal terms of VAT return for non European Community customers are:

•The customer will buy in his own name
•Their residing domicile must be outside the EEC
•The goods will be transported in the buyer’s personal luggage
•The goods will be transported outside the EEC before the last day of the third month following the goods purchase
•The total value of the goods, plus VAT must be in excess of the RON equivalent of 175 EUR
•The buyer may require the return of VAT from several purchase invoices, if the total price (including VAT) of each invoice exceeds 175 EUR
•The proof of export will be made by the original invoice bearing the customs office stamp of the last country transited before exiting the EEC, and the VAT return document (see the form)
•At the customs office, the buyer will be able to present the purchased goods, their respective invoice(s) with the payment proof, and the VAT return document
•The customs officer will check the goods, invoice(s), VAT return document and the time validity of the VAT recovery procedure to be in accordance
•In case of any unsuitability between the above mentioned, the customs office may refuse the EEC exit certification of the goods

The refusal of exit certification of the merchandise may also occur if the goods are not presented, or one, several or all of them do not correspond to the invoice.

The store needs to:

•Release the original invoice
•Release and fill in, two copies of the "VAT return document for the non EEC residing citizens" form
•Make sure the customer receives the original invoice and VAT return document (one of the copies), while keeping one copy for itself

VAT return:

•The VAT returning is to be made based on the original VAT return document, approved by the customs office of the last country transited before exiting the EEC, and a copy of the invoice, approved by the same customs office
•The VAT will be fully returned, with no poundage
•The VAT can be returned to the customer who had purchased the goods, or any other person empowered by the first, fulfilling all the above mentioned conditions, and presenting the same mandatory documents
•The VAT return value can also be transferred into a bank account provided by the buyer, or by postal, all taxes supported by the buyer .

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